i am looking for a heading!!

No headings to give, this time around. A day in office without anything special other than how a typical day progresses for a software engineer. But, the only difference being, me choosing to spare a little time n be here to write some gibberish. Cloudy skies, rare glimpses of the sun, and this turning out to be yet another typical Bangalore day. I would rather be out riding/driving on the countryside roads than being here-but-Duty first! 🙂 .

The weather is just about perfect for a ride, and you don’t ideally get this always in modern Bangalore. Its either damn-hot that you will have to burn your skins, wear your sunglasses to avoid strained eyes, tan your uncovered skin, sweat like a pig and well yeah, lose a bit of glamour as well! Or it is super-sloggy and cloggy that you will really need aircrafts to travel since the roads are non-commutable by cares/bikes, you needs boats instead. Adding on to the flooded roads is the ‘fury of the rain clouds’ which might catch you unawares in your bright shining clothes; making it quite a precarious decision to use a two wheeler to commute. You choose your four wheeler instead to avoid this havoc, the dreaded traffic awaits you. Welcome to this wonderful Indian IT hub where traffic snares of in-definitive length(which ideally means kilometres) awaits you; or the nearest traffic signal is there with its mouths wide open to block your passage. Bad Idea!! Either day, hot or cloudy, you choose to go green and take a means of public transport, you are a candidate for either losing your wallet or your mobile phone. If not all these, an unruly ticket collector awaits you, and scolds the hell out of you with his loathsome kannada.


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Transfers, transfers…!!

The player transfer window is closing after seeing some really cool deals. But as a common man and a follower of football, I was jus wondering what it was all about. Pomp n show? Lover for the game? Trek to stardom?

The best part was getting to office in the morning/once m back home after work, log into goal.com and watch the horse trade. There were days when goal updates meant much more to me than my mailbox(especially when Kaka, Suarez was out in the market, and those last days where Bale was the hot topic). Now here are a few figures for you to ponder:

Bale transfer quote: 100 million $ (about 670 crores INR)

Allocation  for Nirbhaya Fund to empower women and increase their safety: INR10 billion (US$160 million)

Now its time for you to compare. I need not elaborate any further, I suppose. We live in a country where a case of rape/assault against women is so damn frequent (I read a minimum of that kind every single day, that too on the front page). You want the stats of how many happened during this last one week – one in delhi, 3 in mumbai, one more in mumbai, …. and this list is just unending. And look at how much we are spending to ensure that such an incident is prevented- almost equivalent to what an individual is worth. Now, where is our morality, where is the so-called awesomeness of the world’s emerging superpower, where is integrity… Its all missing in this land, time to pull up our levers.

Now, lets have some more figures. Bhaichung Bhutia is inarguably India’s best footballer till date. I was just checkin out his worth, and goal.com dint have anything to say about it. That was a clear answer, it meant that he is, or rather, the best India footballer is – Quoted at: 0 million $. Chuck de India!! I love this country a lot to the point where I almost hope that/almost decided as well that I wont leave my homeland and settle abroad. But things of such kind is actually saddening.

(in progress, still writing…)

And one thing i have decided, my son is going to Real M or one of those big names instead of going to school. Let him be there, play some football, have some fun. Even if he doesn’t fetch 100 million like Gareth Bale, he will be much more happier there than study all those Chemistry equations and drawing cockroaches for his Bio lab practical work.

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September 2, 2013 · 11:54 am

Under the shadow of scare !!

There’re a few things which are typical about this world that we live in:  set of people who will be so very happy to create unrest in whatever place they have been put into(look around you, you’ll be surrounded by such people in your workplace n schools), another set of people who never do anything contructive but love to screw up things n make things worse and destroy everything they see, and those who are willing to go to any extent to ensure that others suffer even if they also need to incur a part of this suffering. Yeah folks, this world is a strange place and all we have is weird people all around us.

 There’re bunch of folks whose name itself defines all the three aspects which i told above – terrorists and anti-socials. I’ve heard of all the stuff they are capable of doing or has done all around the globe. But, 2 days back, I got a chance to personally be part of the scare-crowd when Bangalore was shocked by bomb blasts in some parts of the city. I could really feel the panic n scare on the faces of ones around me; and it was in fact really scary to look at them too. And the scene was better when most of them ran around, gathered all possible news about the incident and called up their folks to find they are all safe. And it was rather unincidental to see some parts of the road traffic getting huge and non-moving , which i think was a response to this incident. Well, that was a strange idea. And the funny part of it was something which happened in my office. After lunch, as we all came to know about the incident and started talking about it as a bunch, sitting near our work benches and making as much noise as possible; I could see one of our testers busily doing something on her desktop. I asked her, ‘what are you doing’ and she replied ‘Creating a few test cases’.. It was blasting all round her and she was writing test scenarios as to how something should work? Well, that was so funny!! 🙂

I really don’t know how I could do this so regularly, but jus happens. I’ve kept a reminder for all friday evenngs that I should be scribbling something on wordpress. But this always happens to be once in every month, and that seems to be best of stats. 🙂 Trying everytime to make this better, but never happens!!

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Country roads, take me home …………….

It was a Thursday evening and there was much more to it than that. It was not one of those typical thu evenings where I would be sipping coffee at the cafeteria/my desk or sitting with eyes fixed into my office lappie. These things were still happening but there was much more joy and eagerness within for something. It is Easter time and where else should I be, but home. And this longing to hit the summer-parched, humid kerala was raging inside. And i was counting those precious hours left for me to climb into one of those ‘volvos’ which fly through the night and take us through country roads to the place where we belong.

Easter/Christmas is the best time to be home; and so shall it be. Its 6pm IST in Bangalore; 12 hours more, and I will be there. And about the journey ahead, worth a say because if I had spent a bit more money and booked my ticket a bit earlier, I could have taken a flight to kerala. The bus lobby is busy looting the Bangalore IT chaps and making big money out of us. But, when in need, you don’t think too much. The bus is supposed to leave from the ‘Kerala’ in Bangalore in a few hours. No need to wonder, this place that I am talking about is literally kerala, except that it is located in Karnataka. Madiwala, a big hit among the keralite folks in Bangalore stands out with its malayalam population and a fleet of buses which could as well outnumber the transport Corporation buses plying on the road in Bangalore. You visit madiwala after 6pm, any day of the week(especially on a weekend), all you could hear is the havenly language(i truly believe that malayalam is the language spoken in heaven). Am i still in bangalore, i would always ask myself.

The journey ahead is worth another post, i guess, but i will be back with that story once the journey is done with. And, well, it was indeed a special journey too. 🙂

And i sing, alongside John Denver: “Country roads, take me home, to the place, I belong ………. “

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March 28, 2013 · 12:43 pm

Places i would love to be at…before I die!

Was planning to write this post since quite some time; and in a way this was a dream which i would love to make true. These few places have adorned my mind, maybe through the stories which i’ve heard from people who had been there before or some wondrous fairy tales/stories etched as a part of childhood memoirs. And here are a few…places I would love to be before I die!!

Top of this list has always been Paris: the land of love and beauty as described by many. I really don’t know when this name got added to my list; but I guess this dream was pretty old. I might date back to the days when i became old enough to know about romance, love, … And not sure as to whom to go along with also 😛

A sure place to be once I get there: The Eiffel tower

Sure thing to do: Candle-light dinner at a place which could match my dreams

And I would love to wander around and find out why the poets, the countless travel enthusiasts and almost everyone who is familiar praises this city a lot??!!


Next on the list, and another personal favorite for a very special reason Switzerland: the name which adorns the most number of chocolate wrappers in the world. ‘Made in switzerland’ or ‘Swiss chocolate’.. I just cant say how that lights up my face. Someone coming from abroad, or me getting a chance to buy expensive chocs, this is is is is is my choice. Yummmieeeeeeeeeeeee, just the thought of it is so enticing. Those names – Toblerone, Lindt, the true Nestle, this list wont end…. haha, ‘m sure that the readers too are dying for one of this.

Place to visit out there: a chocolate factory where they make one of these.

Another reason for loving this place is the scenic beauty and the countless number of pics that I’ve seen. Lush green, always so cool, with the best of technology and lifestyle..rated to be one of the best places on this planet to live – nothing more to love this place a bit more.

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Fresh out from the basket, Hot Exclusive – Breaking, blah blah…

Yeap… the basket is fresh, directly taken out from the oven. And the best part being, this item is known to the me alone, and is damn exclusive. Besides, we have people directly heating it in the oven, and helping you to really feel the taste. This basket that I am talking about is nothing but the so called ‘NEWS’ which each channel/media is dying to call as exclusive to themselves. But the best part is that your news item is exclusive for all the ones out there in the market.

(and a very important, exclusive note from richie: This is not meant to hurt anyone’s sentiments or criticize anyone specifically. Just a view of what is happening around me).

The trend to claim credit for anything is very natural, especially if the roots of the channel are national.

For a news item, X

– which could be a small as the death of a celebrities cat: “This is Mr.A reporting for Channel.B from the residence of Mr.C. This cat was very close to the celebrity and was part of many critical incidents in his life. Its very fond of hot milk, and ……” too much yaa, I cant elaborate all these nonsense unless I start reporting all these.

– or this could be as critical as a shoot out at some critical location/something which is very critical to security. Once I could see a fellow running with his camera in the middle of exploding bombs and shooting guns, and he was almost shot. He was on the cam when some other such fellow was running around with his cam. He should be more indebted to God for his life rather than his news channel, and I really don’t know how he escaped, was really threatening to watch on the screen .


Skoop(I don’t even know how it spells)/exclusives is something which drives many journalists too, and we cant blame them as many of the media firms expect their employees to get the skoop for them. Where and what could be changed needs a lot of thinking and discussion. But, a humble start is very easy is what I feel. Stop the fight/ dirty battle for fame. And the viewers’ attention also is advised – why do you always want to see exclusives/ something which could bomb out on the public. Be choosy guys! And besides, too much of news is not at all advised.


And why do everyone want to redefine the word ‘exclusive’. It means, anything which is solely owned by someone. If someone owns it, let them own it naa. If one guy pulls out a news/sting, let him get the credit, why do you want to pounce in and see if there is a chance of screwing him up or make some revenue for yourself. You have your own turn, the next time. And I truly feel that there no dearth of news in our country

-which produces a crime, every second.

– a country where we have uncountable number of political parties who are trying to bring out press release, every single second.

You want me to tell more? No- you know them better!!

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An ideal/typical eve at home

Would have loved to call it an ideal evening, but let me call it ‘typical’. ‘m trying to make it ideal every time, but  rarely happens. 9am in office means, 6pm outside office. So, its ideally 6pm-7pm; which is my ‘leave office’ window. I really have no clue but it happens always that I’ll have to face the whole of Bangalore I.T traffic by the  time i reach home. But i need to mention that it has become much better than what it was before, about a few months back. Riding through all that for about 45 mins, and ‘m home.

And now about the (optional) pit stops in between. The first one, this was kind of mandatory a few months back, and now of very less use. A tea shop, just to ease out and stretch myself from a tiring day at office/riding. All that I have is a cup of tea(in those typical Bangalore tea cups which I say, is enough for a baby) and then back to the ultimate riding icon in my life. Again a time of speeding and slowing..’m nearing home..and here comes the next pit stop where i buy some sweets to be had at home/and a coffee if possible. 


The routine at home varies depending on the situation there. Sometimes, its all music all over with me and as many guitars as I want. It extends to all those comedy shows which we could search through and get a hold on, as long as the television remote control allows us. And more of searching and more of finding nothing, aarrgghh…time to throw away the remote and do something worthwhile. Cook food? Oh yeah… Go out? Oh yeah.. Go for household shopping? Oh yeah.. 


(to be continued)… 

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