Transfers, transfers…!!

The player transfer window is closing after seeing some really cool deals. But as a common man and a follower of football, I was jus wondering what it was all about. Pomp n show? Lover for the game? Trek to stardom?

The best part was getting to office in the morning/once m back home after work, log into and watch the horse trade. There were days when goal updates meant much more to me than my mailbox(especially when Kaka, Suarez was out in the market, and those last days where Bale was the hot topic). Now here are a few figures for you to ponder:

Bale transfer quote: 100 million $ (about 670 crores INR)

Allocation  for Nirbhaya Fund to empower women and increase their safety: INR10 billion (US$160 million)

Now its time for you to compare. I need not elaborate any further, I suppose. We live in a country where a case of rape/assault against women is so damn frequent (I read a minimum of that kind every single day, that too on the front page). You want the stats of how many happened during this last one week – one in delhi, 3 in mumbai, one more in mumbai, …. and this list is just unending. And look at how much we are spending to ensure that such an incident is prevented- almost equivalent to what an individual is worth. Now, where is our morality, where is the so-called awesomeness of the world’s emerging superpower, where is integrity… Its all missing in this land, time to pull up our levers.

Now, lets have some more figures. Bhaichung Bhutia is inarguably India’s best footballer till date. I was just checkin out his worth, and dint have anything to say about it. That was a clear answer, it meant that he is, or rather, the best India footballer is – Quoted at: 0 million $. Chuck de India!! I love this country a lot to the point where I almost hope that/almost decided as well that I wont leave my homeland and settle abroad. But things of such kind is actually saddening.

(in progress, still writing…)

And one thing i have decided, my son is going to Real M or one of those big names instead of going to school. Let him be there, play some football, have some fun. Even if he doesn’t fetch 100 million like Gareth Bale, he will be much more happier there than study all those Chemistry equations and drawing cockroaches for his Bio lab practical work.


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September 2, 2013 · 11:54 am

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