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i am looking for a heading!!

No headings to give, this time around. A day in office without anything special other than how a typical day progresses for a software engineer. But, the only difference being, me choosing to spare a little time n be here to write some gibberish. Cloudy skies, rare glimpses of the sun, and this turning out to be yet another typical Bangalore day. I would rather be out riding/driving on the countryside roads than being here-but-Duty first! 🙂 .

The weather is just about perfect for a ride, and you don’t ideally get this always in modern Bangalore. Its either damn-hot that you will have to burn your skins, wear your sunglasses to avoid strained eyes, tan your uncovered skin, sweat like a pig and well yeah, lose a bit of glamour as well! Or it is super-sloggy and cloggy that you will really need aircrafts to travel since the roads are non-commutable by cares/bikes, you needs boats instead. Adding on to the flooded roads is the ‘fury of the rain clouds’ which might catch you unawares in your bright shining clothes; making it quite a precarious decision to use a two wheeler to commute. You choose your four wheeler instead to avoid this havoc, the dreaded traffic awaits you. Welcome to this wonderful Indian IT hub where traffic snares of in-definitive length(which ideally means kilometres) awaits you; or the nearest traffic signal is there with its mouths wide open to block your passage. Bad Idea!! Either day, hot or cloudy, you choose to go green and take a means of public transport, you are a candidate for either losing your wallet or your mobile phone. If not all these, an unruly ticket collector awaits you, and scolds the hell out of you with his loathsome kannada.


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