Country roads, take me home …………….

It was a Thursday evening and there was much more to it than that. It was not one of those typical thu evenings where I would be sipping coffee at the cafeteria/my desk or sitting with eyes fixed into my office lappie. These things were still happening but there was much more joy and eagerness within for something. It is Easter time and where else should I be, but home. And this longing to hit the summer-parched, humid kerala was raging inside. And i was counting those precious hours left for me to climb into one of those ‘volvos’ which fly through the night and take us through country roads to the place where we belong.

Easter/Christmas is the best time to be home; and so shall it be. Its 6pm IST in Bangalore; 12 hours more, and I will be there. And about the journey ahead, worth a say because if I had spent a bit more money and booked my ticket a bit earlier, I could have taken a flight to kerala. The bus lobby is busy looting the Bangalore IT chaps and making big money out of us. But, when in need, you don’t think too much. The bus is supposed to leave from the ‘Kerala’ in Bangalore in a few hours. No need to wonder, this place that I am talking about is literally kerala, except that it is located in Karnataka. Madiwala, a big hit among the keralite folks in Bangalore stands out with its malayalam population and a fleet of buses which could as well outnumber the transport Corporation buses plying on the road in Bangalore. You visit madiwala after 6pm, any day of the week(especially on a weekend), all you could hear is the havenly language(i truly believe that malayalam is the language spoken in heaven). Am i still in bangalore, i would always ask myself.

The journey ahead is worth another post, i guess, but i will be back with that story once the journey is done with. And, well, it was indeed a special journey too. 🙂

And i sing, alongside John Denver: “Country roads, take me home, to the place, I belong ………. “

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March 28, 2013 · 12:43 pm

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