Places i would love to be at…before I die!

Was planning to write this post since quite some time; and in a way this was a dream which i would love to make true. These few places have adorned my mind, maybe through the stories which i’ve heard from people who had been there before or some wondrous fairy tales/stories etched as a part of childhood memoirs. And here are a few…places I would love to be before I die!!

Top of this list has always been Paris: the land of love and beauty as described by many. I really don’t know when this name got added to my list; but I guess this dream was pretty old. I might date back to the days when i became old enough to know about romance, love, … And not sure as to whom to go along with also 😛

A sure place to be once I get there: The Eiffel tower

Sure thing to do: Candle-light dinner at a place which could match my dreams

And I would love to wander around and find out why the poets, the countless travel enthusiasts and almost everyone who is familiar praises this city a lot??!!


Next on the list, and another personal favorite for a very special reason Switzerland: the name which adorns the most number of chocolate wrappers in the world. ‘Made in switzerland’ or ‘Swiss chocolate’.. I just cant say how that lights up my face. Someone coming from abroad, or me getting a chance to buy expensive chocs, this is is is is is my choice. Yummmieeeeeeeeeeeee, just the thought of it is so enticing. Those names – Toblerone, Lindt, the true Nestle, this list wont end…. haha, ‘m sure that the readers too are dying for one of this.

Place to visit out there: a chocolate factory where they make one of these.

Another reason for loving this place is the scenic beauty and the countless number of pics that I’ve seen. Lush green, always so cool, with the best of technology and lifestyle..rated to be one of the best places on this planet to live – nothing more to love this place a bit more.


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