Fresh out from the basket, Hot Exclusive – Breaking, blah blah…

Yeap… the basket is fresh, directly taken out from the oven. And the best part being, this item is known to the me alone, and is damn exclusive. Besides, we have people directly heating it in the oven, and helping you to really feel the taste. This basket that I am talking about is nothing but the so called ‘NEWS’ which each channel/media is dying to call as exclusive to themselves. But the best part is that your news item is exclusive for all the ones out there in the market.

(and a very important, exclusive note from richie: This is not meant to hurt anyone’s sentiments or criticize anyone specifically. Just a view of what is happening around me).

The trend to claim credit for anything is very natural, especially if the roots of the channel are national.

For a news item, X

– which could be a small as the death of a celebrities cat: “This is Mr.A reporting for Channel.B from the residence of Mr.C. This cat was very close to the celebrity and was part of many critical incidents in his life. Its very fond of hot milk, and ……” too much yaa, I cant elaborate all these nonsense unless I start reporting all these.

– or this could be as critical as a shoot out at some critical location/something which is very critical to security. Once I could see a fellow running with his camera in the middle of exploding bombs and shooting guns, and he was almost shot. He was on the cam when some other such fellow was running around with his cam. He should be more indebted to God for his life rather than his news channel, and I really don’t know how he escaped, was really threatening to watch on the screen .


Skoop(I don’t even know how it spells)/exclusives is something which drives many journalists too, and we cant blame them as many of the media firms expect their employees to get the skoop for them. Where and what could be changed needs a lot of thinking and discussion. But, a humble start is very easy is what I feel. Stop the fight/ dirty battle for fame. And the viewers’ attention also is advised – why do you always want to see exclusives/ something which could bomb out on the public. Be choosy guys! And besides, too much of news is not at all advised.


And why do everyone want to redefine the word ‘exclusive’. It means, anything which is solely owned by someone. If someone owns it, let them own it naa. If one guy pulls out a news/sting, let him get the credit, why do you want to pounce in and see if there is a chance of screwing him up or make some revenue for yourself. You have your own turn, the next time. And I truly feel that there no dearth of news in our country

-which produces a crime, every second.

– a country where we have uncountable number of political parties who are trying to bring out press release, every single second.

You want me to tell more? No- you know them better!!


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