An ideal/typical eve at home

Would have loved to call it an ideal evening, but let me call it ‘typical’. ‘m trying to make it ideal every time, but  rarely happens. 9am in office means, 6pm outside office. So, its ideally 6pm-7pm; which is my ‘leave office’ window. I really have no clue but it happens always that I’ll have to face the whole of Bangalore I.T traffic by the  time i reach home. But i need to mention that it has become much better than what it was before, about a few months back. Riding through all that for about 45 mins, and ‘m home.

And now about the (optional) pit stops in between. The first one, this was kind of mandatory a few months back, and now of very less use. A tea shop, just to ease out and stretch myself from a tiring day at office/riding. All that I have is a cup of tea(in those typical Bangalore tea cups which I say, is enough for a baby) and then back to the ultimate riding icon in my life. Again a time of speeding and slowing..’m nearing home..and here comes the next pit stop where i buy some sweets to be had at home/and a coffee if possible. 


The routine at home varies depending on the situation there. Sometimes, its all music all over with me and as many guitars as I want. It extends to all those comedy shows which we could search through and get a hold on, as long as the television remote control allows us. And more of searching and more of finding nothing, aarrgghh…time to throw away the remote and do something worthwhile. Cook food? Oh yeah… Go out? Oh yeah.. Go for household shopping? Oh yeah.. 


(to be continued)… 


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