Its a long way back to wordpress…

I used to call this my personal blog, and there was a phase where I moved onto another sphere where the technical blog took over from me and my personal voice failed to come out.. It was quite a long way, and suddenly as I look onto my dashboard, the last post is ‘I don’t want to say’ yrs/months old. Good to be back, hoping to get hold of some time, once in a while.

Quite a lot had been happening, completing a year as a professional: new commitments, new responsibilities, a complete change of ‘where I belong’ and an even stronger longing to return to my old address.  Driving the way to work => Riding the way to work,  Early sleeping hours => ‘God knows when’ sleeping hours(still, a sound sleep as ever before), Once in a while holiday in college=> holiday at manager’s approval,  Bunking college => Sit at office  even if it is late, Friday eat outs => so called ‘Team Lunch’, days when I was an advanced music student => a point if life where I teach music, Xperia => Blackberry…… the list is huge guys. But ‘m still the same 🙂 It was a fun-pain filled ride, all these times and years…quite a lot to cheer and ultimately one person to look on at every point – my Lord.

Well, i’ve just put a reminder just now on my phone, which is recurring every week. Let’s see if he is smart enough to make me write a post once in a while.


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