The road to Subex….!!

A story worth pages…this was quite something that screwed me like anything. The road was quite long, about 500k’s, and a part of it can only be covered here.

To define the space and place, it’s Bangalore – the tech capital of India. SUBEX, a sofware specific company, is a leader in the telecom product industry. And what connects us is…ryt now, I’ve a job offer from Subex.

well one fine day evening I reached the tech capital of India…dint see much trouble in finding my way and making things happen. Well, I guess, my travel instincts and routines helped me! I took the bus frm Majestic bus station to my cousin’s place! I was supposed to stay wth him that day. I reached his place which was near the renowned SAP Labs; and had my night there, as always, busy wth watching football and surfing. My cousin, he’s working with IBM Bangalore was busy wth offline work! 😀

The next day, I reached the Subex office in Devarabasanahalli by about 9am, as always, late (I was supposed to be there by 8:30am)! I was greeted by the receptionist and was asked to wait. The lobby had an enourmous plasma television, I sat there and munched its view. After about 10mins, the person I was supposed to meet caught up with me, the placement and HR officer at Subex.

Well, ther’re no characters involved in this life story…just me and Subex! Else I would have elaborated. There’s a lot of them, my Placements HR at Subex and a lot. But not for now!

I was called in for the first round of interviews at about 10am. The interviewer was such a nice guy and I still cherish the time I spent with him. And we parted as friends, when I left the room. He started slowly and cooly and in a very short while, I could smell smoke from my head! He started with things that made me think and went into things that made me a computer scientist!! And he made me answer them, and made me give such a strenous exercise for my brains. And I guess there’s very few things in CS engg and programming skills that he din’t touch! And the interview lasted for 1 and a 1/2 hour….can u imagine that much time speaking just about engg science? And I enjoyed it like heaven.

So, from the first round or from the following….i would say….if u want to join Subex, 3 things to be ensured.
(1) be thorough with ur basics
(2) have precise logic, ie. a crystal clear mind…no hung feelings once you are there.
(3) your attitude…. I swear, this is the deciding factor.
And above all these, faith in God…even if others say it’s impossible, well, I had a God who made it possible!

After sometime, I was made known that i’ve cleared round one and the second round will follow soon after. I said ‘okay, cool’!

Well, the second round, it was a real deal…i almost spat out all what I leaned in my seventh, sixth and fifth semesters. Each and every subject in all these three semesters were covered. If u consider one among those subjects, parallel processing in computer science, I was made to define what it was, then through the minutest of details until what ‘pp’ does in our real industry. I would say, page 1 to the very last of any txtbook tat a geek can imagine, was covered. This was the same for all those subjects and you can imagine how thrilled I was in that room. Still, ‘m wondering how that interviewer could remember all these things, even years after his studying them!

Well, after sometime, I came to know that the interviewer was impressed and I should probably have lunch from the Subex canteen….why, because I was in for the next round. The canteen, just like Subex, was male-dominated and I cant keep off from saying that it was nice food there too.

The third round was taken by one of the VP’s at Subex and she was a really courteous lady. And it was her turn to take me through a third and fourth semester ride. Well, all those data structures and what all… I was reminded of even those exam times during which I was mostly tripping around or teaching others. Then, there was a bit of ‘hr-testing’ (this word should be added to the software industry jargons, because most premier companies depend on hr skills to choose a person for the job. That is imp, but even then, the focus should be tech).

Rest of the story…soon..


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