All in a day’s work…

It was 9th of July, 2010 and all things went on well and fine as always. The day was slowly passing by with me being late for class(as usual) to get a stare from the Principal, and grabbing the attendance from the teacher. All these things are quite too normal in my life. Okay, that will be my next post i hope- the day that makes me!! And as the story teller says, it was a quiet and fine evening when things suddenly changed.. !!!

Characters in the play: Meril(Chairman of the FOCES cell of my college) and Krishnamohan, the Secretary of the same. And third can’t be someone else but me! After a tiring day in college and plans for the next, we three decided to travel back home(I was dead early, i couldn’t even believe i was leaving by then). We got into a bus that should take us home. It was then that Meril told he was thirsty, I seconded. i agreed to pay the cash, and asked them to come out and have a coke. We kept our bags and stuff( I mean they, I don’t carry a childish bag!!) in our seat itself and went on to have our drink.

We were in the middle of drinking when i just noticed Meril sprinting out into the open where the bus was parked. I simply turned back to look out and I saw the bus moving. I joined Meril and krish(as he prefers to call himself) was still at the shop with his coke… Only krish was left and he was not sure if i had paid the cash. He din’t even have half the money, with him, that we owed to pay. He din’t know what to do and at last, after much thought, he claims, he too jumped into the us and sat next to us. It was then that krish asked us ‘ hey, u payed them? ‘. I was shocked, I’ve not!! I handed the money to krish and asked him to pay the bearer. He went to pay, and he was happy to find out that those shopkeeper guys were searching for ‘three guys who ran away without paying’ !! Obviously, they had company from the society!! Krish paid them and joined us back, by then the bus had moved out of the bay.

As he came running to catch the bus, we, myself and Meril, could not hold back our laughter. We burst out laughing and it was then that we just thought. In case the bus left the instant me and I entered, and krish was still there at the shop!! We feel like we’ll be having krish serving the customers and doing the jobs there, and the next time we get there, he’ll be serving us coke!! KRISHNAMOHAN almost got placed in a well reputed firm!!


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