they call it a ‘post’… i’d rather call it nonsense!!


A single question loomed over me for quite a long while, asked right through my school days , then took a slight lull i think and was back to center-stage all along my college days ” Why do you not take ‘Posts’? “… I’ve given some straight answers to quite a few of those- ” I am not Interested “, that defines it and summarizes all i mean to say!


Wherever i had been, this thing used to dampen my spirits and freedom to think and work independently. I have always maintained that Richie, ‘as a machine’ gives the best output when left to itself rather than crowning it with the earthly crowns of glory. In fact, i love to be a manager rather than an administrator, who is more concerned about managing my his own self rather than others.(Had all the guys did this, we may not require those Harvard and IIM – MBA guys). Even still, people are better of thinking their own ways. So, why be part of the crowd !!


And i maintain that this is just a personal opinion. The guys(read as your name) of this era are more comfortable with management and leadership and don’t bother to have those good old service mentality we ought to have learned from our predecessors. They wanna be HR managers, day one into their job and prefer not to work for that. And see guys, this is not philosophy, just the bare truth… dig deep into yourself to find out!!


This is just a question about my principles and credentials.. and this can vary!! Always I’ve maintained and can’t dream of changing those values which defines me!! 😉 And the set of principles i stick to is what makes me who I am, without which I’d rather be dust!!

(Never have I let that differ, except once when I had to keep this off for one of my ‘dear friend’ when it came to a matter in my college life.. and that guy Kiran.. I’m sorry Kiran if you’re reading this….had the better of that with the credit to be the only guy who has made me walk off from my set will!!) And the rest of you.. that was just that one time.. Can’t happen once more.. no one can make it happen again!!


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