this time, i’ve quite a lot!




Staring out of my windows, that too is a rare thing, i just checked my blog-space and it kept me wondering why i could not find a post there since about a month. The reasons are wide and varied, maybe i was too tied up with something or the other or i should have totally blinded my eyes to it. WATEVER!!


As ‘m back once again, i was thinking of what to write! This time quite a lot. The first n foremost thing that struck my mind was the Academic year that had passed by with much storm and nonsense. I am really out of words that happened in relation to my college life(the so called academic sphere). Much of it was child’s play for me… nothing more or less.
I will be back with lot of those moments some time soon and i will have to face quite a few grumpy faces( i don’t care babes!!… do what you please). So i just keep the storm to rattle the future.
And this thing that comes next in the row, was just the most amazing part. The outings that I’ve had….. countless to say. Still remember those days in the past month, my “so called” friends where busy doing there revisions, when i was touring parts of kerala back n forth without even a module of my syllabus to my credit. And quite a few other occasions to be called the “driver” of the family which most agree is because of my “driving skills” rather than holding the wheel for any family trip. That was just the best and momentous days of my life with the best that i have on this earth- My Family. Again, there are too many number of wonderful trips n places to speak of, so again, this goes back into the rack.
“Why do you not take up any post?”… This question had been running the shows for quite too long and my answer still remains the same as of old. I Won’t …. tat’s it. I just hope to answer this question in the future with a variety audience to question.
My native place n my most beloved town- Tiruvalla. wahh! kyah topic chunke rekha he yaar…awesome. Lekhin abhi nahi, this place deserves much more than just a few ounces of my precious time. So much have it given to me n helped me in being what i am. Tiruvalla n Mepral, I Salute you…..


This is enough and more for the moment right…. Let me get back to my schedules and get goin!


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