answer my qn … ??? willya..??


Somethings in life never catch you straight n you often get to know them unawares. This time, ’twas courtesy: my younger brother. He was the one to come up with this simple question that amused me like never since a long time. I was just busy with my exam portions along with my friend, digging out some coal from the DSP mines. (Nevertheless,after the exam we understood that it was merely for interest sake and could mean nothing more since cusat had worse plans for us.) HE came next to me n asked.. ‘Which of the three is the lesser evil- the first year,second or third of ‘ ….


I smiled for the moment n let go of him.But thinking of what he asked- which one was it that ruined the spirits?? BUt when i thought of it, i came to realize that each had something on its own dampen the fun. And as for me, ’twas as always before, the same way i faced Chemistry papers in my own MTRS despite the teachers running after me trying to change my attitude- but can it ever?? eh?


Talking of days gone by, i remember how ever teasing Chemistry ruined the first year days… I had left school hoping that such papers will never trouble me even in my dreams. But had different plans. This horrible subject haunted for an entire year. I was jus praying for the University exam to pass by for CS 103. Then came the fun n spoil of S3 n S4- the former with PPL(Principles of prgming languages as they call it… a necessary evil for all the CS guys) and the latter with DAC(Data Communication). I learnt the Principles of Patience in Learning … DAC paper kept me thinking why the hell we were having these nonsense EC papers in our syllabus, but this paper was one with a difference. Now i just feel like it was good that we learnt it in S4. the 5th Sem had deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep trouble in store- DBMS(Database Management). I remember that it was the worst paper i ever learnt in life next to Chemistry. Still remember those missed days of class. My attendance percentage in this subject could be almost #$ percent. Not for this subject, ’twas the same for other subjects too. The turn of Sem 6,i am just being so frank … that i really loved almost all the papers here. Except on quite a few occasions when i felt CSE(Control Systems) was a headache.


Still the one question remains … unanswered … But doubtlessly, the 1st year was the most enjoyable one… Can’t think of better moments than those ….


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  1. sangeeth

    a suggestion you could have included that beautiful subject called ALC.. There is only one rule that subject works upon ie “if you can’t convince them, confuse them instead”

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