Celebrate life … the guys n gals hav these words on the tip of their tongues.. They hav quite a few occassion to do so. It all begins wth the new year party on the 1st of Jan , and the saga of celebrations jus sets in…. It won’t be quite too much to say that we wud rather celebrate the pangs of separation too… The celbration mania jus goes on..

The Valentine’s day…. te king of all occasions whr the festval of love is celebrated. Most guys love to celebrate jus for the sake of it. The simplex and duplex love affairs could be seen wth hype as the guys blabber out in parties whr wine and money spill out. The singletons cheer for the sake of their to be love, and the couples join their loved ones…

‘M screwed wth these array of celebs, but stil am the first to run out for any of thm. hehe….. feels nice to criticise….!!!


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