The republic @ 60…..


India …. we hav quite a few slogans to describe this 60 year republic… chak de India.. rock on…India shines..incredible India.. Jus lean bac on ur armchair and think rather bitterly…Is this what we shd hav achieved with all the talent that we hav…


ALL you elder ones… close ur eyes.. wat follows does not concern you…

The youth of India rather take up b tech or mbbs and place their lives in a safe zone( but trust me guys, that’s never the case now…) We lack smart engineers in the administrative forums and entrepreneurs in business, absolute talent in research and competency in teaching… Who is to blame… the obvious answer is the ones with their eyes closed, now and always of the concerns of our nation…

The ones with their eyes closed, HEY YOU ALL … shame on you…
The best nation on earth, as you would like to describe India on the 26th of Jan and 15th of Aug, deserves a lot more from each of you naa… Jus pour that out. Follow your dreams with passion… make the future come in search of you…


place your hands on your chest… and with the greatest sincerity and pride cry out…



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