They all compete for the highest honors of CEC, but some of them are special….. and these are the ones who are to create a surge in the tech-future of India. But now their wings stake shape to challenge the best talent on the field.


The CEC Annual Sports meet is quite a spectacle… the 2 week rattling of the junior guys wil bear fruit on the 14th of Jan, as the captain commands, “….. by the left… march …” We guys at the green house had some real good time out there at CEC. The first year guys had maximum fun here, no other house will ever dare to challenge. The last day, Anish came up with a ball and threw it into the marching guys and asked them to get it. The one who caught it was made to come afront and perform a song.. the smart kid, Jerry, was a good match for us. He jus blabbered until we guys grabbed his and bumped his ass !!




Hoping for the best times ahead….. gud luck to all the houses.


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  1. anish-s6d

    hmmm gud he..

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