A Nations’ salute


Hey u proud indian,


It is Nov 26….rather it’s 26-11 ..the way we know it better…the day when terror undermined our false belief of security and when we really came to know what we really are…and where we stand…nowhere, but at the mercy of a handful of crooks who could blow you up anytime they want to..yeah guys, WE ARE AT THEIR MERCY…..

It is high time we jus come up together to do something good for our nation…All ye corrupt officials and the indeterrable and unsscrupulous governments, this is something that concerns the life of ur wife and daughters too….. prove your mettle guys, if u still have some trace of humanity left within you…or is that,too, corrupt..i doubt it pals..seriously..

I would like to give my proud salute to the ones who fought on our behalf…you who lost ur lives trying to save us all… THE NATION SALUTES YOU….. and you guys still have some young and haughty hearts to follow your way..u guys have led us upfront..and we the youth of the nation assure you that we r determined to make this nation better…not jus simply better…..the best…



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