Hey guys,


Jus a laugh…..The xam fun just goes on…The labxams are OVER…!!!! they were jus allryt..and awesome… a time to cheer for our guys…


The internal marks are published.. I am so very happy to see some nice marks on display…for almost all my guys…and gals…so, as we await our xternal written xams, we thank the Lord fpr his gracious providence which giuded us throutgh the entire semester…For me, personally..i am so proud to say out that watever i have is jus wat ma Lord gave me…i am not worthy for those marks that you see across my name…It is prayer of the loved and dear ones…and his amazing love…


I Would like to xpress my sincere thanks to all my teachers and friends for all their help and support….Friends, they are the ones who deserve my marks…esp. Vichu( Vishnu ), and Gops ( Gopan )…my study mates for all internal xams…



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2 responses to “hehe…….

  1. Xander

    very koothara….enthina itrem dialoguessssssssss

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